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Eraser Foot Cure Ayurvedic Pedicure Cream

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Can this product also be used by men?

Yes ? all of our products have been formulated with both males and females in mind. In fact around 50% of our consumers are male. So don?t feel hesitant at all in trying out our effective Ayurvedic products.

What causes cracked heels and what are the complications associated with cracked heels?

Your feet are particularly susceptible to becoming dry, cracked and hard. This is because the soles of your feet and palms don?t contain the sebaceous glands that secret natural skin oils. If left unchecked, weakened and painful skin on the heels may also become susceptible to fungal infections.

The highly visible cracked heels is the most common condition that develops in dry skin or calluses on thick skin. A combination of dry skin and heel pressure can lead to cracked heels. Mechanical factors, such as the way you stand or walk, can also contribute to the pressure imbalances that affect the heels. The heel skin becomes flaky, discoloured brown, or yellow. Ignoring this conditionmay lead to pain in that area, when you put weight on your foot. Severe heel cracks may bleed or even become infected.

Daily use of Eraser Foot Cure Cream helps defend your heels against cracks ? leaving them smooth and healthy.

What is the best time to apply the cream?

Recommended usage is at night ? before you go to bed. If you apply the cream during the day then you may wish to wear socks as you commence your daily routine.

How long does it take for Eraser Foot Cure Cream to work?

You should begin to see results within 15 to 20 days of continuous use.

Can the cream also be used for any other conditions ? such as dry or cracked elbows/hands?

Yes ? the cream is also particularly good at healing cracks that usually occur in other parts of your body ? such as on your elbows or hands.

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