Dr. Ipsa She Wash

Dr Ipsa SHE WASH – Feminine Hygiene Is Even More Necessary Than Beauty

The perfect solution for the desired effect with the right, reliable cleansing balance.

This deodorizing cleanser is a gentle, safe and effective way for sanitizing your intimate parts. Specially formulated, it is totally sulphate free, soap free, alkali free and ideal pH balance of 3.5

A Woman’s Need…

Personal hygiene for a woman goes farther than everyday grooming. It’s a must. It’s a way of life. It is especially essential for those special parts that need special attention. How many products in your shower are specifically formulated for your vaginal area? Use of conventional soap on your private parts can disturb the acid-alkali balance – which microbes take advantage of, leading to vaginal inflammation, itching, and redness.

But this can be solved by regular use of Dr Ipsa SHE WASH pH Balanced formulation. This helps keep your most intimate parts free of infection, nourishing your skin and helping repair damaged tissue, and tighten muscles around your vagina.

You’ll feel fresher than ever before.

Herbal Ingredients in Dr Ipsa SHE WASH Feminine Hygiene Wash.

Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Copaiba, Rosemary : antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, kills fungus, bacteria and viruses.
Vitamin-E : richly nourishes the skin around the vaginal area and helps in repairing damaged tissues.
Majuphal : strengthens the muscles around that organ.

Why shouldn’t I just use regular soap to clean my private parts?

Many mothers teach their daughters to wash their genitals with just soap and plain water – and obedient daughters follow their advice. However the constant use of regular soap on the private parts is actually wrong – and it is the enemy of good feminine hygiene and sexual health. The natural vaginal environment usually contains some acidic medium – which helps block and kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. However the use of soap on private parts can disturb this vaginal acid-alkali balance – because regular soaps have an alkaline base. As the acidic environment is no longer protecting the vagina, this means harmful microbes can now fill up the space instead. If left untreated, this condition is known as dysbacteriosis – and the main symptom is a fish like odour and abundant discharge from the vagina. You should seek a doctor’s consultation if you have this condition. Dysbacteriosis can also lead to infection, inflammation, itching and redness in the private parts and increase the chances of acquiring a sexually transmitted infection. In some cases it can even lead to cervical cancer. To address this limitation of ordinary soaps – IPSA Labs (renowned makers of Eraser Antimarks Cream) have developed a unique and safe herbal, soap-free and pH balanced Feminine Hygiene Wash called Dr Ipsa SHE WASH



Dr. Ipsa She Wash 100ml: 160